domingo, 25 de enero de 2015 boarding pass for the road trip!

After 10 days in NZ...the road trip starts!

Caroline is a really nice French girl. I met her on my second day here, and we decided to travel together! how easy! hehe.
She's been in Australia for 2 years, and in so many different places around the world...She's a very practical girl!

She had bought a car already, so she is like my "host van driver"....

The plan would be sharing expenses and travelling together until our ways separate...if it happens.

She has become my personal teacher, she's teaching me a lot of vocabulary! expressions!  She even just corrected this post!!

Travelling with her will allow me to practise English all the time.
It's really cool! I've learnt a lot in just one week! I'm taking notes and reviewing the spelling on my pocket dictionary.

It has been a really amazing week in Auckland. I've made a lot of friends in the hostels! people who since now I'm going to keep in touch with!

Yesterday we said goodbye to Auckland by having fun at the Xavier Rudd's concert. It was really really cool!


Después de 10 días en Nueva Zelanda ... el "viaje en carretera" comienza!

Caroline es una chica muy agradable. La conocí el segundo día de estar aquí, y decidimos viajar juntas! que fácil! jeje.
Ha estado en Australia durante 2 años, y en muchos lugares diferentes por el mundo ... Es una chica super práctica!

Ella ya había comprado un coche, así que es como mi "anfitriona de furgoneta" ...
El plan sería compartir los gastos y viajar juntas hasta que nuestros caminos se separen ... si sucede.

Se ha convertido en mi profesora personal, me está enseñando muchísimo vocabulario.
Viajar con ella, me permitirá practical  Inglés todo el tiempo.
Es genial! He aprendido muchísimo en tan sólo una semana! Estoy tomando notas y revisando la ortografía en mi diccionario de bolsillo! parezco una loca! (más si cabe) Pronuncio en voz alta las palabras una y otta vez.

Ha sido una semana realmente increíble en Auckland. He hecho un montón de amigos en los albergues! personas con las que desde ya voy a mantener el contacto!

Ayer nos despedimos de Auckland pasándolo genial en el concierto de Xavier Rudd. Fue muy, muy guay!

Carlos Winter, Manu & Yanina

Last week I met super Carlos Winter! Friend and neighbor from Mesa y López, haha, Canary Islands, Spain. He was planning to stay in Auckland for a couple of days to fix his car so it was perfect to share good times together! 

Carlos is a person who really worths to meet! I always enjoy a lot with him!

So... I met Yanina and Manu through Carlos, and it has been one of the most amazing things that happened to me! 

Yanina is a really hot girl from Argentina! She is really nice and hilarious! Lovely!!!

Manu is awesome, I would say in Spanish that he is over the average haha!! He's a special boy who can rule the world around you making it funnier, more positive!!!

I've had really fun with these crazy people! We were in Piha Beach, Karekare Beach, Takapuna Beach, Devon Beach (?), ...we learnt to dance haka haka  trough some Maori guys who came up to us in the beach! 

I'll keep in touch with Carlos, Manu and Yani and that's really cool!


Checklist: what I would like to do in NZ

Get an English certificate.

Avoid Spanish people, improving my English as much I can (sorry!)

Learn to dance haka haka.

Make a Maori tattoo.

Launch my own website (online portfolio).

Do networking.

Practicing surf.

Trying snow board.

Gemma & Dan, and Rebecca

 Gemma & Dan (kiwis) 

- By the way: KIWI means "from New Zealand".
- I met them on 23th, one day after arriving to Auckland!
- Gemma & Dan are from here, they gave me a lot of information about the trip I'm planning about! 
- They told me that my English pronunciation is really good! so I'm really happy :D
- It was relatively easy for me understanding their kiwi pronunciation, so cool! i din't pick all the words, but we could keep a conversation perfectly, so little by little.

Dan, Gemma and Rebecca.

Nomad book shop? From Auckland! 

Rebecca. This sweet girl from England is really cool. It was a pleasure for me sharing almost a couple of days with her in the hostel. Hopefully I'll see her before she leaves NZ.

sábado, 24 de enero de 2015

Post aburrido: "Paperwork in record time (3H)" // Burocracia en tiempo récord, como en España jaja)

 23TH OF JANUARY, 2015

Second day in Auckland, I woke up at 6.45am!
I´m totally settled down!

I did all the paperwork in record time! 3H!
1)- Contract a new SIM card in SPARK store.
2)- Contract a new BANK account.
3)- Apply for an IRD number which allows me to work here.

1) There were some problems with the SIM card...first and second cards were wrong! but the assistant was really nice! and finally we got it, haha.

2) After getting the SIM card, I went to the bank and it as really easy! I asked the officer if she had been in Spain, her answer was: not yet..! really nice. I only needed the passport and a certificate from the hostel where appeared something like I was hosting there (I had asked for that paper before leaving the hostel in the morning).

3) The officer who attended me called Daniel, he seemed like the typical black man who goes to the church! haha!, in fact he told me..."oh, Rosa!...I met a Rosa when a went to India to do a religious course! I imagined him singing gospel in any church.

Segundo día en Auckland, he madrugado! recuperada del jet lag! 6.45am en pie!
Bueno...conseguí hacer la burocracia en 3h, ya ves...como en España. 

1) Pillé una nueva tarjeta SIM para tener número kiwi (neozelandés), pero TENGO EL MISMO WHATSAPP people! 

2) luego fui al banco y genial, rapidito me abrieron una nueva cuenta, el miércoles recojo las tarjetas. Cool!

3) Por último fui a una oficina de correos donde solicité el número IRD para poder currar, y genial! incluso salí a hacer copias, y me equivoqué en una, al volver...el tipo, que además era un negrata, jaja, me la hizo y me contó que  había conocido a una ROSA en la India, jaja haciendo un curso lo imaginé cantando gospel, no sé por qué...
Bueno, me dio su tarjeta personal con su email y todo por si tenía algún problema con la recepción del IRD, que tendré que llamar porque estaré en carretera, jeje. On the rooooaaaad!

jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Ya estoy en Auckland!

Hi hi!
Ya estoy en Auckland, y muy guay, llegué como a las 12H, hora local al aeropuerto. Fue genial, ningún problema con el pasaporte, visado etc. en los controles, que ya venía yo asustada de que aquí son muy estrictos.  Pero genial! la primera pregunta que me hicieron fue: how are you? jaja, no me la esperaba. Y yo...pues tired tired....y el tipo...didn't you sleep on the plane?....bueno bueno...tan amigos! me preguntaron si llevaba comida o algo que declarar. Y entonces me pasó con otro revisor aún más simpático. Hablamos de mis medicinas  y de que llevaba chlorella que por supuesto él no tenía ni idea de lo que era, jaja..le expliqué...y bayas del goji...jaja...goji berries!
Me dijo oh Spain! mientras leía el passport...y le dije: yes! Canary Islands, second paradise after NZ, y sonrió jaja. El resto del día, me pillé un bus al centro, patee por un centro comercial donde comí shushi, aquí es barato!, luego fui a un café para pillar internet, y luego a dormir al hostal! que es una locura! duermo con 7 personas más, jaja! evidentemente no está todo muy ordenadito. En fin, creo que he dormido como 6/7 horas, no lo sé, jaja, aquí estoy son las 2am con los ojos como PLATES! Pero bueno, ya he preparado la mañana: gestiones con nueva SIM, nueva cuenta del banco, nuevo IRD (según google: Un número único emitido a los contribuyentes de Nueva Zelanda por Agencia Tributaria para realizar un seguimiento de resultados y aplicar los tipos impositivos adecuados).

A las 3pm voy a conocer  a Dan, Gemma y Rebecca, con Los que me ha puesto en contacto mi amiga Celia (Lanjarón).

Este finde veré a Carlos Winter (amiguete canario) y a Tony Moon! (amigo común con compa del curro: Sara).

Lovely Newton Lodge Hostel!

With Tony Moon! Really cool!

Awesome kiwi People: Dan & Gemma
And Sweet Rebecca (from England).

From the plane BCN-Singapore (12H)

My watch sets 11:36am, haha, no idea in which one part of the sky we are, the sun is over there.
I've eaten something I thought. Indian meal that I selected, amazing!
I'm watching a musical documentary on the seat-screen, it's wonderful!...its title is Sound City...directed by Dave Grohl. Yeah!
I'm practising the David's advices! I'm trying to be focused on HERE & NOW, and if I forget it, I just breath and breath and breath until I recover that state...more peaceful.
By the way! Flying assistants from Singapore are really beautiful.
Freedom feeling.
This chili-choku-chai tea I'm having is fucking amazing!
Thanks David Celia from the air!

Awesome days in Lanjarón

Awesome days in Lanjarón
From 12th to 19th of January, 2015

I'm wrote this post in the plane from Granada to BCN.

This family is like my second family. I met them last summer (2014), through Javi and Judith (common friends). J&J had the idea to family and me do a beautiful exchange which was accomodation+food+English immersion exchange to my collaboration with the design of several stuff for their project as the logotype, the website, the fanpage on FB and different printed material as a presentation card, a flyer, etc.. What's the project about? It's one of the most beautiful projects I've worked for: ORGANIC ENGLISH: (copying from FB or website). You can visit the website which was recently launched!
What about they?
They are amazing people who worth to meet. I've learnt a lot of positive and things from them.
David is a really ZEN boy! just being close to him is pure relax. You can learn to breath and being focused on the present moment. Things I find really difficult and I had never practiced. He's got a lot of knowledge you would appreciate a lot.
Celia is able to be everywhere for everybody. She's got a lot of energy to do a lot of stuff, she's got information to share with you about several themes. She's Spanish and can speak German really good! and six languages more!
David and Celia have travelled a lot and they love sharing stories with you as well.
I've felt I was as a member of the family and I feel really lucky to keep an amazing relationship with them.
The project is keeping on!
I recommend you that take a deep breath of pure air with this family and reset all your good feelings. The effect is for a long time. It really worths.

Alma Blossom. This beautiful child with big cheeks is Alma Blossom and she's a really amazing. She can speak two languages perfectly as her age allows her. I enjoy too much taking photos of her, she's really SUPERcute.

Rowen. This SUPERMEGAcute baby is Rowen. Just observing her is a gift. She only looks at you and smiles. She reminds you that you can be happy just with a bit.

All the meals are scrumptious! (although David told me this word isn't useful hehe, but we enjoyed saying that during the lunch dinners). Organic food, really healthy and tasty.


The "ghost airport" of Granada
Just saying that this airport is really funny. When I arrived, I only saw two people in every place, two people over the counters, two people over the control zone, and two passengers over the boarding gates!!! haha, cool! 

Who am I? Why this blog? Why in Spanglish?

Who am I?

My name's Rosa (pink - pinkingthelife....haha)
I'm from Gran Canaria, one of the seven Canary Islands, Spain.
I'm 29, the youngest of four brothers of a humble family, grown up in a small village, in a small flat, sharing a really minimun space, without the own room, desktop or something like that. That made me an expert to adapt myself to any place, situation, people. I learnt to enjoy the movement in my life since I was a child and nomad lifestyle is a strong feature of me.
About my family, my father is almost 80 years old and he has Alzheimer, my mother's almost 70, the oldest of my three brothers is 46 and the youngest maybe is 38, haha. I don't remember. They three don't have any official job since 2008. My family survives with my father's pension I think so.

I love travelling, knowing new people, sharing everything, making exchange, making friends...all those stuff that make I am the best version of me.

Why this blog?

Mainly, this blog is for me. I would like to write my experiences just to be conscious about what's happening around me, or at least to learn being conscious. All people who know me can say that I've always lived in a really stressful lifestyle and I made the decision to leave everything and jumping to the swimming pool!, I mean...catching the unknown as something positive, living the adventure with all my forces, living the life in an intense way. I'm not going to write everything!, in fact, I'll try to write short and concise (I have to learn phrasal verbs and idioms, haha!).

Why in Spanglish?

Because I'm Spanish but I would like to achieve that English is a part of me. I still get headache when I speak in English, haha, so...I want to change that, I hope posts are getting better and better. I bought the POCKET DICTIONARY because I would like to improve my English as soon I can! every moment, every situation, so I'll have my small dictionary (which I bought today in Lanjarón) inside my pocket all the time!. As my friend Javi says, practising English until you feel "agujetas" in your brain.
I'll write some posts in bot of two languages, some of them just in Spanish, some of them just in English. It will depend on the time and the content.
:D let's go!