domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

Carlos Winter, Manu & Yanina

Last week I met super Carlos Winter! Friend and neighbor from Mesa y López, haha, Canary Islands, Spain. He was planning to stay in Auckland for a couple of days to fix his car so it was perfect to share good times together! 

Carlos is a person who really worths to meet! I always enjoy a lot with him!

So... I met Yanina and Manu through Carlos, and it has been one of the most amazing things that happened to me! 

Yanina is a really hot girl from Argentina! She is really nice and hilarious! Lovely!!!

Manu is awesome, I would say in Spanish that he is over the average haha!! He's a special boy who can rule the world around you making it funnier, more positive!!!

I've had really fun with these crazy people! We were in Piha Beach, Karekare Beach, Takapuna Beach, Devon Beach (?), ...we learnt to dance haka haka  trough some Maori guys who came up to us in the beach! 

I'll keep in touch with Carlos, Manu and Yani and that's really cool!


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  1. Rosa, what a pleasure to met you in this side of the world! Awesome! We will meet again soon!! Have fun ;-)