lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

FINE! (multa!)

9TH of FEB 2015

Today at 7am we've been woken up for a officer who knocked one of the car doors behind! 


$200 - it's not allowed to sleep in the car anywhere. (We knew it)

The officer was really cool. 
He told us that how to avoid to pay the fine...
So we went to the district council to write a claim saying that "we had to park last night there because we were too tired to drive" and if we are lucky enough we won't pay. We will receive an email in two weeks. 

At the council they gave us a present as a compensation for receiving the fine! 

Here you are superCAROLINE, my trip-mate, personal teacher, personal driver....with the fine and the present...hehe...

domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015

Coromandel Peninsula (updating)

8TH of FEB 2015

We are in Coromandel Peninsula! 

We left Auckland at 04.30pm.

I spent the whole day in the library making the resume (CV).
SuperCaro bought enough vegetables and fruits for a couple of days. After library we met to buy some stuff more! Water, bread, ....

We are planning to apply for a job related to fruit-picking (kiwis maybe...) in Tauranga to get the money that we have spent back!

Sunset of welcome!